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Best photo editing for Instagram

Photo editing
Price: Free for basic or $19.99 USD/year for VSCo membership with additional features  Download: iOS or Android
Why you should try it VSCO is one of the original and most popular mobile photo-editing apps. It’s so popular, in fact, that nearly 195 million Instagram posts feature the #VSCO hashtag. The free version comes with 10 presets that make your phone-shot photos look like they were captured on film, along with photo-editing tools like contrast and grain. 2. SnapseedPrice: Free
Download: iOS or Android Why you should try it Developed by Google, this precision photo-editing Instagram app works on both JPG and RAW files, making it a powerful tool for professional photographers. Beyond filtering your photos, you can perform serious photo-editing tasks like removing elements (or even people) from the photo, adjusting the geometry of buildings, and using curves to control the brightness of your image. 3. A Color StoryPrice: Free with limited features, or $24.99/yr for ful…